Pools For Africa: Dazzling Desert Retreat: Pebble Pools at Desert Grace Solitaire

Discover the luxury of Pebble plunge pools at The Desert Grace Solitaire. Crafted by Pools for Africa, these oasis spots offer a refreshing escape amidst the stunning Namib landscapes.

This pool has recieved the following industry recognition:
Hospitality Industry Showcase, PoolBuilders.co.za Inspirational Pool
Built in: Namibia
Project type:
Budget: Commercial, Low to Mid

About The Builder: Pools For Africa

Contact: Rico Basson | Phone: 087 809 4560
Pools for Africa is one of South Africa's leading swimming pool manufacturers. They are based in Cape Town and have reputable installers country wide along with many DIY options.

Project Details

Discover the luxury of Pebble plunge pools at The Desert Grace Solitaire. Crafted by Pools for Africa, these oasis spots offer a refreshing escape amidst the stunning Namib landscapes.

In the heart of Namibia’s breathtaking vistas, where the sun graces the sand with a golden hue, lies a sanctuary that embodies grace and luxury – The Desert Grace Solitaire. As you embark on a journey through its doors, a surreal tapestry inspired by the charm of 60’s Wes Anderson films unfolds before you, beckoning you to an abode where every corner tells a story.

At the epicenter of this lavish escape are the Pebble plunge pools, a proud offering from Pools for Africa, meticulously designed to infuse every moment with a touch of tranquillity and elegance. With its distinctive L-shaped seating arrangement, the pools offer an intimate space where guests can unwind and soak in the mesmerizing beauty that surrounds them.

Imagine stepping out onto your private veranda, where hues of love adorn the interiors and a refreshing gin and tonic awaits. Just a few steps away, the Pebble pool invites you to immerse yourself in its cool, soothing waters, offering a perfect respite from the day’s adventures. As you recline in the gentle embrace of the pool, let the rhythmic whispers of the desert serenade you, weaving tales of the ancient lands and vibrant skies that stretch as far as the eye can see.

At The Desert Grace, every stay is transformed into an exquisite journey, a dance with nature where time stands still, allowing you to connect, rejuvenate, and simply be. As the sun kisses the horizon goodbye, find yourself entranced by the bewitching glow that the pools cast under the starlit sky, creating a symphony of light and water that lulls you into a blissful state of peace and relaxation.

‘One night in Namibia’ is not just a stay; it’s an experience that reverberates with the heart’s rhythm, echoing the harmony and grace that the Pebble pools bring to this unique desert haven. Indulge in a sanctuary where luxury meets nature, only at The Desert Grace Solitaire.


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