Homexterior Pools: A 25-meter Swimming Pool Masterpiece In Waterkloof Ridge

This magnificent 25 by 4 meter swimming pool is a feet of modern engineering. It has been built above an indoor shooting range and features a 10 000 litre compensation tank to manage water from the rim flow system.

This pool has recieved the following industry recognition:
PoolBuilders.co.za High Budget Inspiration, PoolBuilders.co.za Inspirational Pool

About The Builder: Homexterior Pools

Contact: Brent | Phone: 082 933 5943
Homexterior Pools was established 35 years ago and has become a leader in the swimming pool industry.

Project Details

This magnificent 25 by 4 meter swimming pool is a feet of modern engineering. It has been built above an indoor shooting range and features a 10 000 litre compensation tank to manage water from the rim flow system.

A highly successful Pretoria-based property developer had a dream for his own Waterkloof Ridge property. As an avid hunter, he longed for a shooting range at home to hone his marksmanship. At the same time, he could not do without his luxury swimming pool. The only way to make this happen in the limited space was to build the swimming pool above the indoor shooting range.

This type of swimming pool engineering and design requires an experienced, reputable swimming pool contractor, so he turned to Brent from Homexterior. Homexterior is one of the original swimming pool builders in South Africa, and with well over 50 years of experience and credibility, the project was in good hands.

A rim-flow swimming pool is beautiful but requires special engineering to make it work. Firstly the entire pool’s circumference must be absolutely level to ensure an eye-catching water spillover effect. Secondly, all the water has to go somewhere. The more people in the pool, the greater the displaced volume of water. Just imagine a teenage pool party. A 10 000 litre compensation tank beneath the pool functions as a reservoir and ensures that the pool is always filled to the brim without wasting any water. The water is circulated using 4 pumps and is filtered through 2 sand filters. A dolphin robotic pool cleaner ensures the pool is perfectly cleaned with minimum fuss.

The pool has been tiled using specially imported tiles, imported from Spain. The tiles were selected for their beauty and low PEI rating.  The PEI rating of 0.04 reflects the tiles’ extremely low porosity and incredibly low water absorption. The attention to detail did not end with the tile selection. Only Mapei products were used to apply the tiles, further enhancing the pool’s strength and longevity.

Ten underwater LED lights illuminate the pool at night, turning the pool area into a magical evening oasis and enticing even the most land-loving visitor into the water.

This Waterkloof Ridge project shows what can be done with the right team, experience and a little imagination, and of course, the right budget.



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