H2O Bulk Pool and Drinking Water Delivery

Experience top-tier Bulk Water Delivery services with H2O Tanker Services, South Africa's trusted provider for over a decade. From Pool Water to Bulk Drinking Water Delivery, we cater to all.

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Company Details

H2O Tanker Services is a leading South African provider specialising in hiring water bowsers (water tankers) for drinking water supply and dust control in construction and mining industries. With a dedication to excellence and safety, their services extend to filling private swimming pools, offering a valuable solution amidst municipal water restrictions, and delivering high-quality potable water across various sectors.

Our Fleet

Their extensive fleet includes water bowsers ranging from 2,500L to 32,000L, thoroughly equipped for spraying, high-volume dispensing, and pumping from natural sources. Committed to reliability and safety, H2O Tanker Services boasts a fully equipped workshop with qualified technical personnel ready to provide 24-hour breakdown service. Each driver holds Medical and Competency certificates, accredited by the Civil Engineering and Training Board, ensuring the highest standards of operation. Furthermore, their trucks are comprehensively insured, including R2 million public liability insurance. Their vehicles are fitted with live tracking devices for constant monitoring.

Delivery Areas

Proudly serving a broad range of areas, including the West Rand, East Rand, Vaal Triangle, Pretoria and its suburbs, as well as Johannesburg and its suburbs, their ethos, “No place is too small for our tankers! You ring, we bring!” reflects their dedication to customer service and accessibility.

Water Supply Services

Drinking Water: Committed to delivering high-quality, potable water throughout South Africa, H2O Tanker Services ensures the Bureau of Veritas rigorously tests their water for safety and quality standards. Their dedicated drinking water tankers are sanitised and serviced regularly to maintain the highest hygiene and safety standards. Their clientele includes hotels, spas, B&Bs, local authorities for emergency water supply, residential estates, schools, and educational institutions.

Swimming Pool Water: In response to the challenges posed by municipal water restrictions, they have been providing swimming pool water delivery and filling services for the past two years. This service prevents damage from cracking and allows pool owners to enjoy their pools without interruption.

Quality Assurance

Their adherence to quality and safety is validated by regular testing conducted by the Johannesburg branch of Bureau of Veritas, a globally recognised leader in testing, inspection, and certification services. This ensures their water supplies meet the highest standards of purity, safety, and quality.

Why Choose H2O Tanker Services?

H2O Tanker Services understands the critical importance of water in every aspect of life and industry. Their comprehensive suite of services, dedication to safety and quality, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction make them the preferred choice for water delivery solutions across South Africa. Whether for industrial, construction, mining purposes, or personal use, they deliver with excellence and reliability.

Contact H2O Tanker Services today to learn more about their services and how they can meet your water supply needs.

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