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Bluetec is a specialist fiberglass manufacturing company with a line of quality, pre-manufactured, fiberglass swimming pool shells.

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Bluetec Fiberglass Pools has experience building swimming pools in the following areas:
Country: None
Province: Mpumalanga
Cities: Barberton, Lydenburg, Middleburg, Nelspruit, Watervalboven and Witbank

Bluetec Fiberglass Pools swimming pool specialities

swimming pool specialities

Specialities include DIY Pools, Prebuilt Swimming Pool Shells, Spa Pools

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DIY Pools
DIY Pools

DIY Pools

Installing a pre-built fiberglass swimming pool shell is an exciting and fulfilling DIY project for homeowners who are interested in

Prebuilt Swimming Pool Shells
Prebuilt Swimming Pool Shells

Prebuilt Swimming Pool Shells

Pool builders who specialise in installing prebuilt fiberglass swimming pool shells are experts in creating stunning and functional backyard oases.

Spa Pools
Spa Pools

Spa Pools

A spa swimming pool is a luxurious and functional aquatic environment that combines the benefits of a hot tub with

Bluetec Fiberglass Pools Introduction

Their range of swimming pool designs is fairly broad ranging and includes small spa pools and larger family focused designs. Bluetec is able to provide highly cost-effective swimming pool installations by using their own team of experience installers and obviously by building the pool shell themselves.

The focus at Bluetec is on the quality of their fiberglass products and in particular their pools. They believe that choosing their product you will save you on long term chemical costs and on pool maintenance. Their pool shells actually strengthen with age and their smooth surface means no cuts and scratches from rough surfaces.

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The projects below showcase inspirational pools by Bluetec Fiberglass Pools. You can tap on each project for further details and images.

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