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Cosmo Pools is a local manufacturer and installer of superior fibreglass swimming pools. They install according to international best practices and are the only local fibreglass pool company to do so.

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Cosmo Pools has experience building swimming pools in the following areas:
Country: None
Province: Gauteng
Cities: Alexandra, Atteridgeville, Centurion, Fourways, Hammanskraal, Hartebeespoort, Irene, Mamelodi, Midrand, Mulbarton, Pretoria, Pretoria East, Pretoria North, Silver Lakes and Zambezi Country Estate

Cosmo Pools swimming pool specialities

swimming pool specialities

Specialities include DIY Pools, Prebuilt Swimming Pool Shells, Spa Pools

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DIY Pools
DIY Pools

DIY Pools

Installing a pre-built fiberglass swimming pool shell is an exciting and fulfilling DIY project for homeowners who are interested in

Prebuilt Swimming Pool Shells
Prebuilt Swimming Pool Shells

Prebuilt Swimming Pool Shells

Pool builders who specialise in installing prebuilt fiberglass swimming pool shells are experts in creating stunning and functional backyard oases.

Spa Pools
Spa Pools

Spa Pools

A spa swimming pool is a luxurious and functional aquatic environment that combines the benefits of a hot tub with

Cosmo Pools Introduction

Cosmo Pools: DIY and Fully Installed Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Cosmo Pools prides itself in delivering the best swimming pool value and pricing while being a proven, NSPI-registered swimming pool company. The National Spa and Pool Institute is South Africa’s leading accreditor of swimming pool companies and the accreditation process is very comprehensive. Participating pool builders are evaluated on many criteria, including financial status, product quality and service levels. Cosmo Pools is proud to be NSPI accredited. 

The company offers fibreglass pool shells for sale in Gauteng that any competent DIY homeowner can install. They offer full kits that include swimming pool filtration, plumbing and start-up chemicals and equipment.

For those interested in a fully installed pool, they offer a wide range of fibreglass pool shapes and sizes and make use of the Cosmo-LOQ installation method, This method is unique to Cosmo Pools and incorporates many groundbreaking practices to eliminate common issues associated with fibreglass swimming pools.

A very high-quality backfill is used to prevent the swimming pool from shifting and cracking which is common when poor backfill is used. Poor backfill tends to compact over time, causing the pool shell to shift

Only the best quality PVC Hard Pipe is used for plumbing for your Cosmo Pools swimming pool. This requires more effort and skill to install when compared to flexible piping but prevents hard-to-repair leaks in the future. Plumbing is strapped to the pool shell to prevent movement and unnecessary stresses on the plumbing, which can cause cracks and breaks.

How does Cosmo Pools pricing compare to other builders?

With all the care taken during the installation of your pool, it is often expected that Cosmo Pools prices will be significantly more expensive than their lower-value competitors. Fortunately, this is not the case. By manufacturing quality swimming pool shells, they are able to cut out the markup that many pool installers face, and by manufacturing their pools locally, transportation costs are significantly reduced.

Cosmo Pools Gauteng has grown very quickly to become the leading swimming pool installer in Gauteng. The company is also listed as the most reputable pool builder on, giving you extra comfort in the company’s ability to follow through on its promises and commitments. By building more swimming pool shells, the company has steadily been increasing its orders for expensive chemicals and supplies. By becoming a valuable and reliable customer to these suppliers, Cosmo Pools has been able to negotiate better pricing.

These savings are passed on directly to you, and you benefit from a single source supplier and pool installer in Gauteng.

Cosmo Fibre-Tech Pools manufactures and supplies quality fibreglass swimming pools throughout South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. The company’s customers include swimming pool installers, retailers, distributors, the hospitality industry (hotels, lodges etc) and individuals wanting to install a swimming pool themselves.

Because of the outstanding quality of the company’s pools, their excellent customer service, and their affordable prices, they have become one of the most well-known manufacturers of fibreglass swimming pools in South Africa. You can trust that Cosmo Fibre-Tech Pools will be able to meet all your swimming pool needs and desires.

Cosmo Pools Code of Ethics

  • Advertise and sell on the merits of our products and refrain from attacking competitors or reflecting unfairly on their products, services and business methods
  • Endeavour to establish the highest possible standards
  • Design and build in a manner compatible in every respect with public health and safety and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Fulfil all contractual obligations
  • Offer a reasonable warranty on products and services and honour such warranties
  • Conduct our business honestly, fair and ethically sound.

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